Do you have a question about the services we offer? This list of FAQs will hopefully help answer many of your questions,but you have a question that is not answered below, please feel free to contact us anytime, and we'll be happy to get all of your questions answered.

How is The Copier Consultants different from a Copier Company?

We do not sale or service copiers. We act as your professional consultant and use our industry experience to negotiate on your behalf with the copier companies.

I think I have negotiated a pretty good contract on my own. Are you sure you can beat it?

We can take a quick look at your current contract and let you know within seconds if we can save you money.

How can The Copier Consultants save me money?

There are actually several ways we can help save you money. Here are just a few of them. First, we use our buying power to negotiate the best pricing for your equipment. Where does this buying power come from? We negotiate numerous contracts each month, compared to your business which likely negociates a single copier contract every 3-5 years. Second, rather than making money financing your equipment, we find you the best lease rates available and save you money on financing. Third, we get you the right sized equipment for the right job. We ensure that you won’t waste money by over spending on equipment that you do not use. Finally, we negotiate better contract terms and conditions and seek to minimize or eliminate yearly contract increases that are common place in the copier/printer industry.

Can I choose to stay with my current vendor and still save money?

Yes! The choice is always yours with whom you ultimately select to do business with. We simply ask you to allow us the freedom to explore all options, and in a competitive environment, we often find that your current vendor will usually bring a competitive proposal to the table.

How does your no risk guarantee work?

The Copier Consultants Guarantee™ - We guarantee we will save your organization at least 25% off their current copier and printer spend. This 25% is a net savings that includes our service fee. If we are unable to save you at least 25%, we will reduce our fee until we provide your organization at least a 25% net savings. On average, we generate a net savings of 30-60% for organizations.

Please note that our guarantee is only applicable to organizations with a monthly copier spend of at least $1,000.

How much is the fee for The Copier Consultants services?

Our fee is based on a small percentage of what we actually save you. That percentage varies on the amount we end up saving you. Rather than a one flat percentage, we have a tiered rate structure which works in your benefit. The more you save, the smaller percentage of savings we charge.

Can I finance your fee and avoid any out of pocket expense upfront?

Absolutely. Most of our clients have us combine our fee under their new equipment contract and have one single, but smaller, monthly payment. Under this method, we do all of the upfront work without you ever paying us a penny out of your own pocket. We are not paid until the new contract and equipment is in place. Our payment is then distributed to us by the leasing company.

I still have some time before my existing contract is over. Is it worth it for me to contact you now?

Absolutely! We are often able to upgrade our clients early and show them immediate savings. Either way, it would certainly be worth your time to let us review your current contracts and let you know our thoughts. If the timing is not right, we will tell you if we feel it is in your best interest to wait on your equipment upgrade.

You mentioned you "Can act as an extension of our purchasing or procurement department". How so?

We have a great deal of respect for purchasing and procurement professionals. They are asked to do a great deal of work and understand numerous product and service lines. That being said, our sole focus is negotiating copier and printer contracts. We bring our decades of industry experience and can add it to your procurement team’s knowledge. We understand all the ways this industry can confuse and take advantage of organizations. We know the “tricks of the trade” and use that knowledge to our clients' benefit. We can show our clients over a dozen different ways to save money outside of price negotiations.

How much money can I expect to save?

This varies. We typically generate between 30%-60% in savings for our clients when compared to what they currently pay. The more aggressive a client is willing to be, with regards to cost reduction, plays a significant role in how much we can save them.

What copier dealers or manufacturers does The Copier Consultants work with?

All of them. We are 100% vendor impartial and will negotiate on your behalf with any company that you would like us to. During the RFP process, we will do research into each company to determine the ability they have to meet your needs. Ultimately, the decision on which vendor to choose is 100% yours.

How long does the entire process take?

This really depends on how fast you get your existing contracts to us and how fast you need the project completed by. On average, the process typically takes 60-90 days. We can complete the process faster than this though if needed.

Can you describe you eRFP (Electronic Request for Proposal) or Bid process?

One of the services we offer is managing an entire bid process for our clients from start to finish. We use an eRFP online automated bid process that can be fully customized to meet your needs. All scoring is weighted to meet our client’s decision criteria. The vendor bids are automatically scored, and the results are tallied in real time as they are entered. We get immediate reports that allow us to see the financial impact by comparing the old costs to the new costs. The reports also allow us to compare differences in vendor responses by analyzing them side by side. This automated process makes it easier for vendors to bid and therefore we get a higher vendor participation rate.

When our new equipment is installed, does the relationship with The Copier Consultants end?

No. The Copier Consultants will continue to act as your advisor for the entire term of your contract with your new equipment vendor. We will have periodic customer satisfaction meetings with you to determine your ongoing satisfaction level. Should any concerns or issues arise, we will act as a liaison between you and your vendor to resolve them.