About Us

The Copier Consultants was an idea founded from a need that existed in the copier and printer industry. Our founder had been with multiple copier companies, both manufacturers and dealers, over the past few decades. In this complex and complicated industry, he saw there was no one who truly represented the customers needs and put their interests first. Some of these perceived customer needs are:

  • Customers often over spend on their copier leases or purchases.
  • The leased or purchased equipment is larger than what the customer actually needs.
  • Contract "Terms and Conditions" are difficult to understand.
  • Contracts contain loop holes that are disadvantageous to the customer.
  • Contracts have built-in periodic increases in billing (rates go up 10%+ a year).
  • Contracts are very difficult to get out of and contain auto-renewal clauses.
  • Invoices are complicated and are hard to understand.
  • Sales reps typically disappear once a contract is signed and provide no service after the sale

Our Guarantee

The Copier Consultants guarantee that we will save your organization at least 25% off their current copier and printer spend. This 25% is a net savings that would include our service fee. If we are unable to save you at least 25%, we will reduce our fee until we provide your organization at least 25% net savings (This has yet to happen). On average we save organizations between 30-60% net savings.


Please note that our guarantee is only applicable to organizations with a monthly copier spend of at least $1,000.


What We Can Help You Avoid

  • Expensive copier and printer contracts
  • Large periodic billing increases
  • Confusing and inaccurate invoices
  • Contract terms that heavily favor the vendor instead of you
  • Getting stuck with lemon machines
  • Wasting hours running a complicated bid process
  • Only getting mediocre vendor bid responses
  • Uncertainty about what equipment and configuration best fits your needs